With over 35 years of experience, RMP & Associates has achieved financially successful Aquatic & Leisure Facilities for various clients, such as :

  • Colleges
  • City and Municipal Councils
  • Churches
  • Health Clubs

RMP & Associates invariably identify problems and provide solutions that save the client thousands, sometimes millions of dollars.

Take your facility to the next level!

Contact RMP if you would like an audit on any aspect of your facility or your service delivery.

Products and Services

RMP & Associates Pty Ltd provides consultancy services relating to all aspects of leisure. RMP & Associates Pty Ltd undertakes market assessments and financial feasibility studies, development of potential sites, planning, design, funding, implementation, marketing, promotion and management audits for our clients. Major clients include:

Leisure Management

We also undertake comprehensive reviews of existing management and operations. This includes advising the client on whether “in-house” management or “outsourced” management best meets the outcomes required. RMP audits the performance of existing facilities and reviews management where facilities have existing contracts or leases. RMP provides a service to clients to:

We believe that programs and facilities should have measurable objectives. Contracts should detail expenditure and income and Operators should provide operating plans with specified measurable outcomes.

RMP & Associates specializes in providing clients with assistance in developing service specifications. Our research and expertise provide outcomes in the form of achievable and realistic service delivery objectives as well as the information needed for comprehensive management and marketing plans.

100+ Success Stories

RMP & Associates have helped over 100 Aquatic & Leisure Facilities allover Australia reach their full potential!

Years in Business

RMP was established in 1982 by Denis Pontin. After completing his M.Ed. (Leisure Studies) at the University of Western Australia, Denis worked for the Ministry of Sport and Recreation in Western Australia advising local authorities on leisure planning and management spending two years at the City of Perth before returning to Sydney

Who RMP is

RMP & Associates Pty Ltd is a specialist Leisure Management and Planning Consultancy with offices at Palm Beach and Turramurra NSW Australia.

Other services RMP offers

RMP & Associates Projects

Established in 1982 by Denis Pontin, RMP & Associates Pty Ltd is a specialist Leisure Management and Planning Consultancy with offices at Palm Beach and Turramurra NSW Australia

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