Ian Thorpe Aquatic Leisure Centre Case Study

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre was the second major Aquatic Leisure Centre to be built by City of Sydney between 2000 and 2007. 

RMP had been engaged by City of Sydney in the 1980’s to review the operation of Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool and then were retained as consultant to the City of Sydney to assist with the development and management of the Cook + Phillip Park Centre, the new Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool and the development and management of Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre. 

RMP worked initially as a “contract manager” for the City of Sydney when C+PP was opened in 1999/2000 and developed various policies for the City in relation to the public spaces around Cook + Phillip Park and the refined the relationship the Operators had with the City of Sydney. 

RMP were again contracted in 2005 to assist in developing a management contract for Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre to ensure the outcomes the City required, specifically in relation to maintenance of the building, and the revenue generating capacity of the facilities were maintained. 

RMP was able to provide advice during the construction to improve the functionality of the centre from an Operator’s perspective and then assist the City’s Aquatic Facilities Manager in finalizing an EOI and Management Agreement and selecting an Operator. 

RMP was able to add value to the project because of the detailed knowledge Denis Pontin, as the consultant to the City on the project, had of the way swimming pools, fitness centres and cafes operate. His experience with Cook + Phillip Park as well as major complexes he had been involved in developing such as Sutherland Leisure Centre, Whitlam Centre, Ripples at St Mary’s and Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre was used to ensure a great outcome.

Established in 1982 by Denis Pontin, RMP & Associates Pty Ltd is a specialist Leisure Management and Planning Consultancy with offices at Palm Beach and Turramurra NSW Australia

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