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For each assignment we submit a written proposal detailing the appropriate steps and providing comprehensive description of each stage, as well as a recommended timetable.

  • Policy and strategic planning are fundamental to successful projects and outcomes.  RMP can assist the client to develop, refine or change its policies and strategies to reflect the required outcomes.  This is the beginning of most major projects.
  • RMP works closely with the client to ensure the outcomes are clear at the concept stage, proceeding to identification of market gaps and opportunities, then to recommendation of an appropriate strategy.
  • Take a business strategy or product already in existence and assist in the planning and implementation stages.
  • Provide a short, low cost report on the project for the client. This may be a simple audit of existing facilities, identification of costs and revenue issues and a simple operational plan.
  • Develop new or existing facilities and programs to improve profitability that reflect the client’s budget and in some cases a staged approach.
  • Improve the organisational design to increase accountability, customer service and skill level of staff. Assist with staff training, recruitment and selection.
  • Analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in the existing business and build a new business strategy.
  • RMP can provide Project Management Services for small projects.
  • Provide Human Resource recruitment and evaluation to ensure the best people are engaged to deliver the project.

Throughout each project we work in close collaboration with our client, providing a written report at the conclusion of every project, and encouraging maximum mutual participation in the development process.  Ongoing community consultation is common in large projects and RMP can assist the client in this process.   Regular meetings with stakeholders and review of the project at appropriate “hold” points is also a key part of the successful project delivery. 

Established in 1982 by Denis Pontin, RMP & Associates Pty Ltd is a specialist Leisure Management and Planning Consultancy with offices at Palm Beach and Turramurra NSW Australia

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